A couple of weeks ago I tried to record my desktop using gtk-recordmydesktop. It was simpler than I had imagined, so I went ahead and tried uploading the resulting .ogv file to Youtube. To my surprise Youtube swallowed the file without any fuzz – no need to resize or convert the video at all. Joy happy joy 🙂

I was a bit enthusiastic by then, so I thought ”can’t I solve some problem using my pyTDDmon tool and show it to others?”. So I picked a simple problem from the TDD-Problems site and went on.

Below you can watch the result. The first three parts were recorded the same night, with the comments added a few days later. I recorded and commented Part 4 tonight. It uses an updated version of the pyTDDmon tool, which has a little more user-friendly text-output in the console and pyTDDmon window.

Enjoy! I recommend watching the videos either in full-screen or zoomed-in. The smallish version directly below is kind of hard on my eyes at least.

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