Things Backwards

Three esoteric observations about UK – some things just


seem backwards.

Biggest and most obvious backwardness it’s that cars drive on the wrong side of the road.  Thus you have to watch out when crossing a street.

Dates, when filling in forms, are written in the opposite order compared to Sweden. First of July 1908 becomes ”01/07/08”, not the ”08-07-01” I’m used to.

Third, and admittedly so far only very anecdotal: door locks seem to be turned the other way around. Locking is done by turning the top of the key towards the center of the door. Curious!

For those of you that want more politically oriented blogging, I hear you. I very sparingly have access to internet so far, and no TV. The little I have seen is however somewhat depressing. Same discussions about anonymity being a problem, and ”what to do with all immigrants”. 😦


3 Responses to Things Backwards

  1. .jh skriver:

    and if you were in the US, the first of July 1908 becomes 07-01-08, I’ve taken to just using the ISO standard 1908-07-01 for everything I can.

  2. Olofb skriver:

    It does have a certain sense of science/thought-through:edness to it 😉

  3. Christer skriver:

    Every way of specifying dates has a certain endianness to it. 😉


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