Jag har haft lång bloggtorka. Börjar så smått igen med en projektidé, ”Mega Backlog” på kodbloggen Voice Steam.

Voice Steam

Remember the old saying ”Once you know a thing’s name, you control it”? That wisdom is encoded in one of the most important aspects of the Scrum team software development practice: having a backlog. A backlog is, simply put, a gold plated TODO-list.

I’d like to explore the possibility of generalizing that concept -”having a backlog/TODO-list is the most important thing” – to life as a whole. That is, a system where you can add TODO items for everything you want do in life might be a good idea.

For that to work practically, one must be able to categorize each item (house, garden, car, project X/Y/Z, ..). So each ”item” has to be taggable/categorizable. I prefer taggable, because it’s not as hierarchical or black/white as categorization.

So you could add items:

  • fix lawn
  • media server PC
  • democracy flyers

.. each taggable with text strings:

  • fix lawn [garden, home…

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